October 10, 2011


Friday night was Yom Kippor's eve and I planned to fast and therefore I didn't go out to see my friends. I was so bored of reading (I started to read a book at 4.30 and by 8 I was exhausted) until suddenly my best friend showed up at the door! That was so funny. We talked until 10pm (She had to go to meet our friends lol) and decided to go to Paris before joining the army!
I guess we both were too hungry to think but I'm planning to go and starting to sell stuff I have! (I need money!!)

So anyway Paris became part of my long wishlist that I better post cause I'm going to Tel Aviv on Tuesday and better be prepared.

Later :)


  1. love the collage! I wouldn't mind having the items át áll. haha.

  2. Yay for Israeli bloggers!! I always love meeting Israeli bloggers, where are you from in the country? I am an American blogging from a small town near Beersheba where I am currently staying, feel free to reply in Hebrew!
    Chag Sukot Sameach, have a good one! xx

  3. Hi, thanks for the email and follow.. I am following back! And I was wondering if you had an easier way to keep in touch, such as Twitter, Email? x

  4. What a cute blog!


  5. Lovely list! ^^ Very neat items..

    Your blog is very cute :)

    Thanks so mych for stopping by at my blog & leaving a kind comment for me. Feel free to visit me anytime again / maybe follow each other ! ♥

    xx indie by heart


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