April 13, 2012


Another item from Forever 21. Israel only blessed with one shop which is located in Tel Aviv. In order to get there I have to take a bus and a train and it's just to much to do it everytime I want some new clothes. Since it's the Passover holiday now I had the time to go there and as soon as I got inside the shop I already had 3 items in my hands. I didn't see this skirt until we got into the second floor and I already tried on all the things I wanted. Then I saw this skirt and decided to switch with the one I had in my hands. Since the lines are crazy there I didn't try it on until today and today I found out it's not exactly what I expected. I still love it though.
And just in case you read some of my other posts, I end up buying some red pants in Forever 21 instead of Zara. They are much more brighter then the Zara ones but I totally love it!

Have a wonderful weekend!  ♥

April 11, 2012

Shake it up

I got those shorts a really long time ago when I was all alone in Forever 21 cause my friend didn't wake up. I saw a lot of people gathering around one stand and as soon as I got closer, I saw this shorts. I tried to get closer but eventually ended up with this pair. I didn't know what is the meaning of American sizes back in the time so I tried it on and it was a little bit big. I couldn't go back to take a smaller pair so I'm just so lucky that it has a "belt"!
So do you like it? :)

April 7, 2012

Your Kind Opinion

I recently took a look at all the clothes I didn't wear and ran into this ZARA skirt. I'm thinking of selling it and I need your opinion!

SELL it or KEEP it?
Please let me know what you think cause I just can't decide and I better decide by tomorrow.

April 4, 2012

White is for Renewal

I got this top on some street shop in Tel Aviv. It only costed me 20 nis which is... 5 bucks! I only got it because I wanted something white in my closet for the Passover meal. I got home and threw it away and only cared about the other stuff I bought. Now you're probably asking why I'm showing it to you before I show you the other stuff?? Well the answer is simple. I found out H&M sell the exact same top for 100 nis more! (25 bucks?) I swear to God, it looks the same!

This is a catch!
Do you like it?♥

April 1, 2012

Baby blue

I was trying to catch the real color of this pants but I just couldn't manage to do it. I recently fell inlove with Zara's slim collection and I only buying it. I had to choose between beautiful colors (this baby blue, red, yellow, black and jeans) but eventually drop it to 2, since I already have the black and the jeans and since I'm not a fan of yellow. I had to choose between RED and BABY BLUE! It was a struggle and my mom didn't help me at all so I chose the baby blue like you can see infront of you. But have no fear! I will be back to buy the red ones too!
I already have lots of different combinations of wearing with it and I just can't wait any longer!

I still have plenty of things to show you and since I can't keep up, I'm going to do another post now and just post it later this week.

So tell me what you think! Do you like?♥

March 23, 2012


And maybe I was wrong but I have it under control now.

March 9, 2012


In the last few months I spent so much money on clothes. This shirt I got almost a month ago before I got completely broke. Right now I have about 20$. I am going to start saving money again but since another holiday is getting closer I really have no idea about what I'm going to do. Maybe this time I better stay in and study or something! haha
I love the color of it and even though you can't really get the real one, I can ensure you it's pretty. It's the first sparkling item I got+another gold shirt I'm sorry I bought but who cares, it was on sale! And beside I was using a gift card I got for my birthday.

So like I said, the holidays are coming and I have so many new things to show you so I guess you better expect more posts soon.

Let me know what you think of this one!

February 24, 2012

Do you really love me?

Oh God it's been a while! How are you all doing? Hope everything is great!
I had my 18 birthday this week so I'm still pretty excited about it! I got so much new things to show so hopefully it will happen next week when I'll have some free time.
I woke up about an hour ago and tied up my hair so I could brush my teeth but then I brought my camera and took some photos of my hair haha. I love this photos so I would love to share them with you.

I love the first one better even though it looks like I'm getting bald and now that I'm 18 years old it makes a lot of sense ;)
So please tell me what's new! I wasn't here for over a month and I would like to follow some new fashion blogs. + If you follow me and I don't follow you, please let me know. I found out I have some new followers but I just can't understand who's new.
Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!♥

January 13, 2012

When darkness turns to light

I'm 1 follower away from 30 so at this point I would like to thank you all for following and leaving me amazing comments!
I'm so happy the weekend is here! I had a long week even though I didn't study at all... I mean I did but not a lot haha. I had lots of free time so I took some dumb pictures and deleted most of them.

I need shopping. ASAP but I can only go next friday or the sunday after. I hope the ZARA sale won't end until then...

Happy Weekend!♥

January 5, 2012


2012 started with lots of rain and cold weather. It's warmer now than Sunday&Monday but still pretty cold.
So how was your new year eve? I spent my in the bed since I'm studying on sunday. I found some gifts on my table in the morning from my mom and dad. My dad got me this Chinese dragon necklace cause apparently it's the dragon year haha. My mom got me Jade's make up kit which is a big suprise since I don't wear any make up lol...

I couldn't take any good picture of the necklace cuase of the lighting.
So tell me how was 2012 for you so far! :)
Happy weekend!♥