December 30, 2011

Don't Stop

1. Small part of my beloved closet.
2. Forever 21 in Israel.
3. My new top from Forever 21.

I feel like coming back here. I have so many things to show you that I'm not sure how I'm going to do that. 2011 is about to end and I just can't wait any more for the end of the first 2 months of 2012 after doing all my finals! After that I'm going to have so much free time! You guys have no idea haha! Till then I'm going to post once in a week, maybe twice like this one but we'll see. Much love!♥

December 26, 2011

Music is my everything.

My God it's been a while. Hopefully I still got some loyal followers but if don't, I'll live.
I got so many new stuff to show you (shoes, bags, clothes, talking about FOREVER 21 IN ISRAEL) but instead I would like to talk about my real love - MUSIC.
I'm not this type who listen to music on the radio and loves it all, I'm pretty much picky. My favorite music is POP PUNK meaning bands such as - A Rocket To The Moon, Every Avenue, The Maine, All Time Low and etc... Music is pretty much the reason I know English.

So anyway, recently I've been watching lots of MTV and decided that my next post will be about inspiring music videos. Of course I'm not talking about anything but clothes so here we go...

Don't you just love her? This music video is so beautiful! I love everything about it. I actually also love the song!


Can't talk about inspiring music videos without Rihanna.

I struggled a lot to choose one. Katy Perry is probably my favorite singer. She's amazing.


Jesiis J. Amazing. And even though most of the clothing are costumes I can't stop looking at them. And let's not forget about her flirting with the host of the American X-Factor (Can you believe Chris Rene didn't win?!?)!

It would be a shame to not pick Lady Gaga to this thing. I'ts not her best clothing in a music video  however, since this is my favorite song of her I chose this. What's your favorite music video of her? Please don't say Born This Way!

This is amazing. Amazing and beautiful. I love every single thing about it! Shoes, dresses, accessories.

It's stronger than me.

I could go and go but I really have to go. Let me know what you like the most! Xoxo!