October 17, 2011


Wow. So many nice comments on my last post! Thank you guys so very much!
I know I wasn't posting for a while (well only for a few days but as soon as you'll hear my reason you'll understand why it feels like ages for me) and I have some great stuff on my mind but... I have to study to my math exam after the holidays! You see... I'm spending my holiday (next one will be in 2 freakin months!) on studying... Another reason is that my dad is on a vacation from work, like me so I can't really take pictures around the house like I wanted to.
No worries! I have some stuff to post and if you actually read the title, it's an outfit!
I'm going to Tel Aviv tomorrow, again. This time with another good friend of mine (we both love photographing! yayyyy! this time I'll show you around!) and this is what I'm planning to wear -

 H&M denim - it's a little too big on me so hopefully the new belt (AKA the belt from last post) would come for the rescue, grey t-shirt (promise you it's grey...) and some ZARA top from a few years ago... I became smaller I guess cause it became big on me haha

Gonna add it some accessories and a nice bag. Not sure about the shoes...
So what do you think? Yes? No?
Have a wonderful week!♥


  1. oh, i love the top! i'm absolutely sure it will look great!
    have fun in tel aviv!

  2. I have the same belt, looks great!


  3. YES!!! I love the top and the belt! <3


  4. love the simplicity!

    and don't apologise about being absent from blogging for a while- we all have other commitments that sometimes take priority from time to time! :)

  5. amazing things! I love your jeans :)
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    with love,
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  6. definetely YES!

  7. lovely outfits!!! simple but beautiful! hope i could see you wear it. enjoyed your blog.. following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too...kissess!!!


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  8. cute belt!


  9. Oh I want the ice cream:) Yammi :) You have a wonderful blog. YOu got a new fan and follower. Would love you to follow back:) XOXO look-scout



  10. I say yes!
    Oh yummy ice cream and pretty pics :)
    Thanks a lot for your pretty comment.

    Have a cute week!
    See you.


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