October 1, 2011

Galaxy. And happy October!

Woke up too early today... It's only 8.30am... On Saturday. I'm having some nice Panic! At The Disco music in my ears and lots of ideas in my head. So this is October 1st! One school month is done, 9 to go!
I would like to share my wishlist for this month with you... In fact I would like to share only one item.

I know most of you probably already got over it but I'm not!
I first saw this beautiful skirt on lookbook and fall inlove. Since I live in Israel and not that close to Tel Aviv (I do live close but not close enough to go for a shopping there everyday...) I can't find any of the galaxy things! HELPPPP!

I'm planning to go to TLV next week and I'm not gonna leave without a galaxy t-shirt, nail polish or even pants (Ummmm...).
Did I mentioned this is my phone background?

So what do you say? HOT OR NOT?


  1. love the galaxy shoes!

    <3 steffy

  2. I love this all so much!



  3. Hiii! Im a Brazilian girl and your blog called my attention =)gonna follow here =D

    Have a nice weekend =)

    ps: I like this galaxy thing haha

  4. lots the pants and the bird shirt. im not huge on the galaxy thing but i love the finds you just shared! i think i might make some galaxy pants for myself. i need to go out to wear them though!

    sharde @ the style projects

  5. i love the galaxy t-shirt!


  6. The wedges are amazing. Chris Kane's galaxy print collection is so inspiring too. love the blog :)



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