December 30, 2011

Don't Stop

1. Small part of my beloved closet.
2. Forever 21 in Israel.
3. My new top from Forever 21.

I feel like coming back here. I have so many things to show you that I'm not sure how I'm going to do that. 2011 is about to end and I just can't wait any more for the end of the first 2 months of 2012 after doing all my finals! After that I'm going to have so much free time! You guys have no idea haha! Till then I'm going to post once in a week, maybe twice like this one but we'll see. Much love!♥

December 26, 2011

Music is my everything.

My God it's been a while. Hopefully I still got some loyal followers but if don't, I'll live.
I got so many new stuff to show you (shoes, bags, clothes, talking about FOREVER 21 IN ISRAEL) but instead I would like to talk about my real love - MUSIC.
I'm not this type who listen to music on the radio and loves it all, I'm pretty much picky. My favorite music is POP PUNK meaning bands such as - A Rocket To The Moon, Every Avenue, The Maine, All Time Low and etc... Music is pretty much the reason I know English.

So anyway, recently I've been watching lots of MTV and decided that my next post will be about inspiring music videos. Of course I'm not talking about anything but clothes so here we go...

Don't you just love her? This music video is so beautiful! I love everything about it. I actually also love the song!


Can't talk about inspiring music videos without Rihanna.

I struggled a lot to choose one. Katy Perry is probably my favorite singer. She's amazing.


Jesiis J. Amazing. And even though most of the clothing are costumes I can't stop looking at them. And let's not forget about her flirting with the host of the American X-Factor (Can you believe Chris Rene didn't win?!?)!

It would be a shame to not pick Lady Gaga to this thing. I'ts not her best clothing in a music video  however, since this is my favorite song of her I chose this. What's your favorite music video of her? Please don't say Born This Way!

This is amazing. Amazing and beautiful. I love every single thing about it! Shoes, dresses, accessories.

It's stronger than me.

I could go and go but I really have to go. Let me know what you like the most! Xoxo!

November 18, 2011


I feel like such a big disappointment! I had this post (and in matter of fact, the next one too) since the beginning of the week but it took me so many days to post it!
Yesterday I went to the doctor again and finally got diagnosed! I have Sinusitis and it felt like I had it for a few weeks and not just a virus like my doctor kept saying...
So anyway, I'm having my antibiotics until next week and so far I feel even worse than yesterday!
Without telling you my all life story, here's this beautiful ZARA top I got last week on my shopping with mommy... I LOVE it!

So do you like it? Hate it? Let me know!!

November 11, 2011


So I failed my December challenge! I promised myself to not buy any clothes until December 20th 2011 but today I had a day off from school (I'm not studying on Fridays! Thank you God!) and I went for shopping with my mom! I bought so many stuff haha! So I'm going to show you the new stuff in the next weeks/days... Until then I have a new challenge for myself - write GOING TO and not GONNA cause I can't say it on my english oral test so I better stop saying it!


November 8, 2011

A hot place

Israel is this place where you would never freeze and the reason is the sun is always shine here (guess this is why everybody want our little country for themselves!) and therefore you can't wear warm clothes and not die from the heat... Especially now...
So thank you God for the cardigans!

I have so many of them but those I love the most are ZARA cardigans! I have 5 colors and another knitted one!

So do you like it? Hate it? Let me know!

November 5, 2011

It's winter time!

Living in Israel makes you feel like there are only two seasons; hotttttt summer and some sort of winter. Well at least this is what happened this year. Seems like we skipped fall and move straight to winter. It's already raining and really cold. This usually happens only on december but who am I to complain?
Right now the sun went out but the clouds are grey! And here's my December challenge, dedicated to winter!

This summer I had a school trip to Poland (it wasn't really a trip but I just can't find the right words to describe it if you don't live in Israel. Let say it was a journey after the history of 1939 - 1945 in nice words) and we had some free time at the mall of Warsaw. I bought this scarf at H&M. I was so happy to found this kind cause I was pretty sure we don't have it in Israel! Then we got back and I met my friend at Tel Aviv. We went to H&M and guess what I see!!!!! Dammit I was so upset! I got back home and found out my scarf is cheaper in like 5 nis but guys! It's 5 nis! haha!

This picture is bad but I wanted you to see a close-up to the scarf!

So do you like it? Hate it? Let me know!

November 3, 2011

Cheers for the freakin weekend!

This week was so short yet so exhausting. I had 2 exams, both been ok.
The problem is that I got sick in the middle of the week and couldn't skip days cause of the classes&exams... So I'm thanking god I'm senior and not studying on Fridays.
I'm gonna have some cereals and enjoy my sweet little holiday!
Wishing you an amazing weekend! Much love!♥

October 31, 2011

Remember remember

I totally made fun out of myself on my last post when I wrote 20.12! I meant December 20th 2011 of course... I forgot you can't write it 20.12 and expect people who don't live in Israel to understand you... I'm not sure what's wrong with us that we write it DD/MM/YY and not MM/DD/YY. So excuse me for that!
The reason I chose this deadline is because like I have already said, it's the beginning of Hannukah and I know myself pretty good to know that I'll go with my friends to TLV and I can't just not buy anything there!

December challenge
Moving on... I've been thinking a lot about what I should post first (I already have 3 things to show you and one that I'm gonna take pictures of today!) and decided I'll just post the first thing I pictured...
So presenting you my favorite hat on hat's planet!
I bought it last year at some Israeli shop... You all probably have this kind of hats in your country anyway but for me it was:"OMGGGGGG!" ;)

So let me know if you like or not! Wanna hear your opinion!
Have a great week! :)

October 27, 2011


Hello beautiful readers!
Thank you so much for the amazing comments and for following. The site doesn't work well for me lately so I can't really know who is following me. Let me know so I'll follow you back!
I wanted to post it a few days ago but I was busy studying to my math exam and the site didn't loaded! But I'm here now, ready to tell you so many new things!

I have a new challenge for myself!
On Monday morning I opened my closet to grab a cardigan before leaving to school (it's still hot in Israel so the AC works in the class and well... it's toooooo cold in some classes!) and realized that I have too much stuff!
So here's my challenge!
I'm not going to buy any cloth until 20.12!
Hopefully I'll make it through! 20.12 is also the beginning of Hannukah, my favorite holiday!

While studying for my math exam (That by the way was today and went pretty well until my teacher told me I have some mistakes!) I also been thinking about what I'm gonna post if I don't have anything new to show you! Then it came to me! I'm gonna show you my favorite items I already have and therefore, this post, my first challenge post is gonna be about my favorite pants.
I bought this one without trying it on. I bought it with another pair that I did try on and was pretty positive about them being the same. Then I tried this one on at home and found out it's not the same! The other one was loose and this one is more tight. They both are type of tights but the other one doesn't really looks that way. I wasn't wearing it for a year until I had the guts to! And so I came to school with this tight (I never wear tights...) pair and everyone told me I look great in it. This really made me feel good about myself. I didn't wear it for another long time until a few months ago when I started again and fell inlove with it and started to wear it all the time.
I only have a picture of the back and a few close-ups... I tried to took another picture of the front but it doesn't look well. Imagine horse riding pants looks like jeans.

So what do you think about my new challenge and idea for posts? Like it? Hate it? Let me know!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend! :)

October 19, 2011


All photos are from yesterday. My good friend and I went to Tel Aviv. We had so much fun during all this day especially when someone thought we were tourists!
I didn't get anything new so I've got nothing to show you but this pictures.
So what do you think of them? :)

October 17, 2011


Wow. So many nice comments on my last post! Thank you guys so very much!
I know I wasn't posting for a while (well only for a few days but as soon as you'll hear my reason you'll understand why it feels like ages for me) and I have some great stuff on my mind but... I have to study to my math exam after the holidays! You see... I'm spending my holiday (next one will be in 2 freakin months!) on studying... Another reason is that my dad is on a vacation from work, like me so I can't really take pictures around the house like I wanted to.
No worries! I have some stuff to post and if you actually read the title, it's an outfit!
I'm going to Tel Aviv tomorrow, again. This time with another good friend of mine (we both love photographing! yayyyy! this time I'll show you around!) and this is what I'm planning to wear -

 H&M denim - it's a little too big on me so hopefully the new belt (AKA the belt from last post) would come for the rescue, grey t-shirt (promise you it's grey...) and some ZARA top from a few years ago... I became smaller I guess cause it became big on me haha

Gonna add it some accessories and a nice bag. Not sure about the shoes...
So what do you think? Yes? No?
Have a wonderful week!♥

October 14, 2011

What's wrong with basic?

When I showed my sister some of the stuff I bought on Tuesday she told me that all the tops are just basic! Just basic? No! You can see 2 out of 3 tops I showed her up there (The color of the 3rd one is this beautiful yellow mustard but my camera just can't take a good picture of it... It becomes grey!).
The left is this amazing kind of sweater (I know it looks like a t-shirt). The color is better in real life (What's going on with my camera today?!). The only bad thing about it is that it's a littile bit too short for me... I'm gonna rock it anyway!
The right one has some cool sleeves. That the reason I bought it... and the color, of course! There's another good thing about it! It makes my body look so pretty! I was like:"Is that me??" haha

I have some close ups for you guys...
The color is weird here. However you can see why I called it a sweater 

This is a close up to the sleeves

That's it for me. Gonna go eat some sushi and watch some Ryan Gosling movies! Cheers!
Please tell me if you liked it or not! Happy Friday!

October 12, 2011

New stuff!

If you read the last post you probably know that I spent yesterday in TLV shopping.
I'm not gonna show you all the stuff I bought today because of lack of time (my tv is screaming my name and waiting for me to turn it on!) but if you come here anytime next week you'll get to see my new amazing stuff that I'm so happy to have!
Meanwhile I'm gonna show you the new accessories I got.

Bracelet. Yes, same lady from the necklaces post

Necklace. The seller was an ass but I kinda like it...

Some awesome belt. You can't see how awesome it is from this photo though

So this is it. Let me know if you like it!
P.S. I'm so excited about Gilad Shalit coming back home!♥ Made my holiday!

October 10, 2011


Friday night was Yom Kippor's eve and I planned to fast and therefore I didn't go out to see my friends. I was so bored of reading (I started to read a book at 4.30 and by 8 I was exhausted) until suddenly my best friend showed up at the door! That was so funny. We talked until 10pm (She had to go to meet our friends lol) and decided to go to Paris before joining the army!
I guess we both were too hungry to think but I'm planning to go and starting to sell stuff I have! (I need money!!)

So anyway Paris became part of my long wishlist that I better post cause I'm going to Tel Aviv on Tuesday and better be prepared.

Later :)

October 7, 2011


Yesterday's shopping wasn't a big hit. Both my mother and I were too tired so I end up with some new bras, more underwears and some new pajamas. You're probably wondering why I'm telling it to you and I have some great reason:

this is the pajamas' pants! It has this awesome snowflakes on. The other reason is one of the bras print.
I came home pretty sad I didn't buy any clothes (I forgot to mention I also bought some sneakers...) and thought about what I'm gonna blog... Then it came to me! Prints post!
Let's start!
Checked shirt from ZARA. Looks better on the body
And one of my coats, checked as well

Never wore this. ZARA T-shirt. I guess I can call it a flower print

Anchor print?

And of course lines print. All ZARA and P&B

So that's all. My camera battery got really low and I couldn't take any other pictures. I will continue one day.
Before finishing this post I would like to thank you for all the comments, I had no idea someone is actually reading here until I got 7 comments on one post!
I'm gonna ditch you for a few days since Yom Kippor is today.
Going to TLV with my friend on Monday so I guess the next post would be on Tuesday?
Leaving you with this incredible sone by The Blackout I heard yesterday morning on MTV before school and it definitely made my day!