April 4, 2012

White is for Renewal

I got this top on some street shop in Tel Aviv. It only costed me 20 nis which is... 5 bucks! I only got it because I wanted something white in my closet for the Passover meal. I got home and threw it away and only cared about the other stuff I bought. Now you're probably asking why I'm showing it to you before I show you the other stuff?? Well the answer is simple. I found out H&M sell the exact same top for 100 nis more! (25 bucks?) I swear to God, it looks the same!

This is a catch!
Do you like it?♥


  1. love this shirt!!


  2. i am so jealous! i love finding unique pieces for cheap prices! xx

  3. Nice shirt! wish I was there x

    I'm following you now, maybe follow me back? x


    Rose x


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