April 13, 2012


Another item from Forever 21. Israel only blessed with one shop which is located in Tel Aviv. In order to get there I have to take a bus and a train and it's just to much to do it everytime I want some new clothes. Since it's the Passover holiday now I had the time to go there and as soon as I got inside the shop I already had 3 items in my hands. I didn't see this skirt until we got into the second floor and I already tried on all the things I wanted. Then I saw this skirt and decided to switch with the one I had in my hands. Since the lines are crazy there I didn't try it on until today and today I found out it's not exactly what I expected. I still love it though.
And just in case you read some of my other posts, I end up buying some red pants in Forever 21 instead of Zara. They are much more brighter then the Zara ones but I totally love it!

Have a wonderful weekend!  ♥

April 11, 2012

Shake it up

I got those shorts a really long time ago when I was all alone in Forever 21 cause my friend didn't wake up. I saw a lot of people gathering around one stand and as soon as I got closer, I saw this shorts. I tried to get closer but eventually ended up with this pair. I didn't know what is the meaning of American sizes back in the time so I tried it on and it was a little bit big. I couldn't go back to take a smaller pair so I'm just so lucky that it has a "belt"!
So do you like it? :)

April 7, 2012

Your Kind Opinion

I recently took a look at all the clothes I didn't wear and ran into this ZARA skirt. I'm thinking of selling it and I need your opinion!

SELL it or KEEP it?
Please let me know what you think cause I just can't decide and I better decide by tomorrow.

April 4, 2012

White is for Renewal

I got this top on some street shop in Tel Aviv. It only costed me 20 nis which is... 5 bucks! I only got it because I wanted something white in my closet for the Passover meal. I got home and threw it away and only cared about the other stuff I bought. Now you're probably asking why I'm showing it to you before I show you the other stuff?? Well the answer is simple. I found out H&M sell the exact same top for 100 nis more! (25 bucks?) I swear to God, it looks the same!

This is a catch!
Do you like it?♥